Management Options

TC Property Management & Rentals, Inc. has two choices for the prospective owner to consider – a finder’s fee arrangement or a full service agreement.

Finder’s Fee:

TC’s services include:

1.  The property is placed on our Vacancy List, Vacancy Hotline and website.
2.  The property will be shown by us to qualified prospects.
3.  A lease will be executed provided the prospect is approved, i.e., credit check, employment verification, past rental history and criminal background check.
4.  Under this plan the renter pays his rent directly to the owner and looks to the owner for
5.  There is a fee for these services.

Full Management of the Property:

Services provided include:

1.  In addition to the services listed above, TC collects the rent.
2.  Maintenance calls will be handled by our service techs or outside vendors depending
on the nature of the call. Cost of maintenance is billed to the property.
3.  The owner receives an operating statement each month between the 15th and 20th
reflecting results of the previous month.
4.  If renter defaults TC takes them through the Court process for eviction if that
should become necessary.
5.  In the event the property is vacant when we take over management, your fee does not
begin until we place a renter in the unit or unless we have to start spending considerable time preparing the property.

For more information please contact Lori Brush at (731) 668-7078.